Interview with Peter and Roma
General Optical Council eBulletin 43
August 2019

Interview with Peter Fogg and Roma Malik

We spoke with Peter Fogg (top picture), a dispensing optician, and Roma Malik (bottom picture), an optometrist, to discuss their reflections from the 2016-18 CET cycle and best practice tips.



1.  How many CET points did you achieve in the last cycle? 

Peter: 66 points

Roma: 81 points

2. How did you plan your CET?

Peter: This last cycle I focused on attending the ABDO events as I really enjoy the interactive sessions, and it’s also an opportunity to meet old friends.

Roma: This past cycle I focused on pursuing my interests by attending as many conferences and local CET events as possible. I find conferences are a great way to improve my knowledge and skills and meet other clinicians. At conferences I focus on topics that interest me or areas where I feel I could increase my knowledge. So last year for instance, I attended several lectures on myopia control.

3. Which courses did you most enjoy attending and why?

Peter: The courses I most enjoyed were the relevant interactive ABDO ones. The spectacle lens update discussion workshop V1 was very informative and I did benefit from this workshop as it was relevant to my practice. I am also interested in optical coherence tomography as we have them in the practices I attend and I go to any relevant workshop I can to learn more about interpreting the results.

Roma: One course that I particularly enjoyed was a glaucoma lecture at the Association of Optometrists (AOP) therapeutics conference last year. It addressed what’s new in glaucoma management and explored the evolution of the delivery of glaucoma care in the UK. The speaker was very engaging and used some interesting analogies which I have been using in practice ever since!

Another memorable CET session was a case-based peer discussion. The case related to the management of a child with binocular vision problems who had presented for their first sight test. It was incredibly insightful to see different optometrists with varying years of experience from different sectors (i.e. independent practice, hospital practice & high street practice) share their knowledge and experience, each explaining why and how they would have managed the patient. It formed an interesting and useful discussion.
4. Do you think CET is important?

Peter: I think CET is important as long as it is relevant in modern practice. I believe more is actually gained via interaction and discussion. I find that peer discussion groups covering a relevant topic have more benefits than reading a few pages and completing a multiple choice test at the end of it, only to be forgotten the next day!

Roma: Yes! It is essential to help practitioners maintain and improve their knowledge and skills and ensure safe practice. CET also enables practitioners to meet the demands of the evolving professional landscape.


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