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GOC out and about to talk CET

CET webWe are enhancing our existing CET scheme in two specific areas as of January 2013:

  • Targeting a registrant’s continuing education and training to the areas of risk and competencies relevant to their scope of practice
  • Registrants will be required to interact with their peers to reflect on their own and others’ practise

Thirty six points continues to be the minimum requirement, but some show a commitment to learning that goes far beyond that. For the new cycle starting in January 2013, registrants will need to be able to demonstrate that they have not only obtained a sufficient number of points but also have completed CET in each required competency area over the three-year cycle.

The main change for registrants will be a requirement that all optometrists and contact lens opticians must participate in at least one formal case based discussion group per cycle. Therapeutic prescribing optometrists and contact lens opticians will be expected to discuss cases relating to their speciality area. Optometrists can choose the type of cases for discussion.

Peer discussion groups offer an environment in which registrants can engage in case-based discussion with a group of four to eight peers, which will help them to consider their own decision-making and record-keeping. We hope registrants will become more aware of best practice and areas for improvement, raising standards across the profession.

Registrants will be expected to spread their CET across the three years and not limit their learning to a concentrated period within the cycle with no activity in the remaining years.

In developing our proposals to enhance the CET requirements, we commissioned research into public/patient feedback. We held consultation events across the country as part of our research. Patient and public representatives expressed a clear expectation that healthcare professionals should not only be required to keep their knowledge and skills up to date, but also to participate in discussion with peers that allows them to improve their own awareness of good practice and risks. It was felt this interaction was fundamental to maintaining and raising standards across the professions.

Linda Ford, our head of education and standards, is speaking about enhanced CET at a number of events in the coming months. If you’re attending any of the following, do please look Linda up and go along with any questions you may have.

Sunday 30 September: ABDO conference
Monday 15 October: AIO conference
Friday 19 October: National Optometric Conference
Sunday 25 November: Eyecare 3000, London
20 or 21 January 2013 (TBC): Eyecare 3000, Glasgow



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GOC out and about to talk CET

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