ESR consultation
General Optical Council eBulletin 41
April 2019

Education Strategic Review consultation update

Last November, we consulted on draft education standards for providers and learning outcomes for students as part of our Education Strategic Review (ESR). The consultation closed in February and received a total of 536 responses – thank you to everyone that responded.

The draft standards and learning outcomes built upon the previous ESR consultation on the concepts and principles that could underpin optical education in the future. The consultation asked for feedback on the drafting of the standards and learning outcomes, the proposed timeframe for implementing changes, linking the learning outcomes to CET and on continuing student registration.

The new standards have been designed to allow education providers more flexibility in how they develop their programmes, and the learning outcomes are designed to foster confident, skilful and trusted eye care practitioners of the future.

The optical sector has been rapidly changing due to the introduction of new technologies, an ageing population and new developing scopes of practice, which is why we have undertaken this review in conjunction with our Continuing Education and Training (CET) Review to ensure optical professionals are able to continue to protect the public.

We are currently analysing all consultation responses and will present the consultation outcomes to Council in May, where the next steps will be considered based upon your feedback. 


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