Love Your Lenses
General Optical Council eBulletin 32
April 2017

Thank you from the GOC!

All of us at the GOC would like to say a big thank you to all the eye care professionals, employers, manufacturers and professional bodies who helped spread the word about good contact lens care during Love Your Lenses Week.

The week, from 25-31 March, promoted good contact lens care after GOC research showed that many patients were not looking after their contact lenses properly. 

It focused on two key messages: ‘don’t lose sight of your optician’ to remind people to have regular contact lens checks, and ‘contact lenses and water don’t mix’ to let them know not to get their contact lenses wet by, for example, swimming or showering in them.

So many of you got involved during the week, particularly on Twitter where over a million people saw Tweets using the #LoveYourLenses hashtag. Dozens of optical businesses, big and small, promoted Love Your Lenses across traditional and social media.

The BBC featured a story with patient Irenie Ekkeshis. Irenie lost the sight in one eye after getting a contact lens infection but then worked with the British Contact Lens Association and the Love Your Lenses campaign to raise awareness of the risks of infection from allowing contact lenses to come into contact with water.

This led to thousands of comments on Facebook, with many people telling Irenie they had never been aware that contact lenses and water shouldn’t mix and that they would change their behaviour in the future. In total, we believe the campaign reached around 3 million people.

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GOC Director of Strategy Alistair Bridge told eBulletin, “Love Your Lenses Week was a big success, reaching millions of people and educating them about good contact lens care. It’s clear from the thousands of comments online that the campaign has had a direct and positive impact on patient safety. We owe a big thanks to all members of the public and everyone in the optical industry who helped spread the word, as well as to Irenie Ekkeshis for sharing her story."

The GOC plans to repeat Love Your Lenses Week in March 2018.




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