Fully qualified and student renewal
General Optical Council eBulletin 32
April 2017

Registrants respond positively to improved renewal process

Fully qualified renewal

On 31 March the deadline passed for fully qualified and business registrants to renew their registration. This year we made some changes to the renewal process to make it more cost-effective and efficient. 

We decided to no longer issue registration cards as they are only valid on the day that they are issued and don’t prove that an individual or business is registered. Patients, employers, the public and anyone else wishing to check your registration status can look at the public register on our website. We also sent renewal notices by email this year instead of by post, and you will receive confirmation of your renewal by email as well. 

Not only do we expect these changes to save us £50,000 annually, but we are delighted that you responded so positively to them. Only 171 registrants were removed from the register for failing to renew on time. This is less than 1% of our registrants. Thank you to the thousands of you that renewed your registration on time.

Student renewal

It is now almost time for students to renew their registration for 2017-18. You will be able to apply for renewal of your registration from Tuesday 25 April 2017 onwards. Please ensure that you complete the online process carefully before the deadline of Saturday 15 July 2017

To renew your registration, please log in to the MyGOC section of our website and press the ‘Apply for Renewal’ button. We will send you regular reminders once the renewal application is available to ensure that you renew your registration.




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Fully qualified and student renewal

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