Fit for the Future
General Optical Council eBulletin 37
July 2018

Fit for the Future

We have launched a consultation to help us understand how to develop the current system of Continuing Education and Training (CET) so it is fit for the future.

The consultation is asking optical professionals to give their views on how the GOC can help them develop new skills on a continuing basis. This may for example mean more emphasis on self-directed learning, whereby optical professionals are given more flexibility to focus on developing skills that are most relevant to their individual needs. It could also mean a greater emphasis on critical thinking skills and improving future performance by analysing previous experiences.

The consultation is in response to several factors contributing to the changes in the optical sector, including an increasing demand for eye health services, technological advancements and an ageing population.

The findings of the consultation will be used to shape the new system that is expected to start in 2020.

To help the sector adjust, 2019 will be a transition year between the current system of CET and a newly reformed system starting in 2020.  During the transition year, there is a GOC expectation that registrants will achieve 12 CET points of which six will be from interactive activities.

Alistair Bridge, GOC Director of Strategy, says:

“The existing system of Continuing Education and Training has up to now been effective in safeguarding the health of the public, but as the optical sector changes it needs to evolve to support practitioners in maintaining high standards of patient care. 

We want to use the current system as a foundation upon which to build new elements that help the sector move with the times.”

To respond to our Fit for the Future consultation, please visit our new online consultation hub. The consultation is open from 17 July to 11 September 2018. The GOC is keen to encourage responses from across the optical sector, so please encourage your colleagues to have their say as well.

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