2018 Love Your Lenses Week: Thank you!
General Optical Council eBulletin 37
July 2018

2018 Love Your Lenses Week: Thank you!

2018’s Love Your Lenses week ran from 24-30 March and was even more successful than last year; and we’d like to thank all the registrants and businesses that participated and contributed to its success.

Love Your Lenses began in 2017 when a GOC study showed that many patients have poor awareness of, and compliance with, good hygiene practice when wearing contact lenses.

This year eye care professionals, businesses and industry partners came together to raise awareness on the importance of proper handwashing and drying before touching your eyes. Young adults (18-24) are four times less likely to wash their hands before touching their eyes compared to those aged 65 years and older. In general, less than 50 per cent of contact lens wearers wash their hands adequately before touching their contact lenses.


Love Your Lenses was featured in an article in The Sun and Philip Morgan, Head of Optometry and Director of Eurolens Research at The University of Manchester, spoke about Love Your Lenses on BBC Radio Manchester. Social media activity throughout the week reached almost 1.7 million people.

Only 48 per cent of contact lens wearers recalled the aftercare advice they received at their most recent check-up. Through Love Your Lenses, we have been piloting different methods to help practitioners effectively deliver the messages about aftercare to ensure that patients will remember the advice they receive. The results will be published later this year and will hopefully prove to be successful in ‘landing the message’.


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To keep up to date and find out when the 2019 Love Your Lenses week is, follow loveyourlensesUK on Facebook and @yourlenses on Twitter.

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2018 Love Your Lenses Week: Thank you!

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