Business Standards Update
General Optical Council eBulletin 39
December 2018

Business Standards Update


We have received the final report on the findings from our consultation on new draft Standards for Optical Businesses and we are pleased to report that the overall response was positive.

Most respondents (79 per cent) agreed that our expectations of optical businesses are clear and 88 per cent agreed that the draft Standards are clear and easy to understand for registrants. Most individual registrants, businesses and professional associations were broadly supportive, but a significant number of businesses and professional associations were not as supportive.

We will be following up directly with some stakeholders to further understand their areas of concern such as wording and impacts. We will consider all areas of concern before introducing the final Standards.

We also gained insight into the patient perspective regarding their expectations of optical businesses, and found that 93 per cent of patients expected all optical businesses to meet the same standards in order to provide care for them. In addition, patients identified that ‘modern and up-to-date technology’ (71%) and ‘staff talk to me in a way I understand’ (69%) as the most important aspects of the services of an optical business.

The final version of the Business Standards, along with an implementation plan, will be presented to our Council in February 2019. The implementation plan will include work to raise awareness of the new Standards, digital tools (including videos and interactive exercises) and the potential commissioning of Standards-specific CET.

Provided the final version of the Standards are approved in February, we will publish the Standards for Optical Businesses in April 2019, with them coming into effect later in 2019.

The final consultation report will be published shortly on the GOC website here.

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Business Standards

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