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Member support

Member appointment and reappointment process

We wish to ensure that our process to appoint and reappoint members is fair, open and transparent to ensure the correct appointments are made based on merit. This document provides individuals wishing to apply for a member vacancy details of the process which we will follow in managing appointments. It also provides details of the process which we will follow in relation to reappointments, extensions, emergency appointments, disqualification, suspension or removal of members.  

Acrobat Reader icon Council and Committee appointments process (appointment campaigns up from 1 April 2019)

Member Development plan

We are committed to ensuring that our members are provided with relevant induction and training to enable them to perform their role appropriately and effectively. In doing so, ensuring we governed aptly, our strategic objectives are met, and we are complying with our legislative framework and reducing the risk of reputational damage. The document sets out our expectations of members in relation to their personal development and outlines how we will provide development opportunities to members.

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Member review process

Our member review process is intended to:

  • provide members with routine opportunities to reflect on fulfilment of their role and responsibilities;

  • provide members with clear and current objectives and routine opportunities to reflect on how they are fulfilling their objectives;

  • ensure members understand their responsibilities in relation to mandatory development for the role; and

  • provide an evidence base for reaching conclusions regarding the reappointment of members at the end of their term of office.

Acrobat Reader icon Member Review Process Guidance - October 2018

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