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Registration Committee

What does it do?  
The Registration Committee advises the Council on registration issues, including the rules governing registration and publication of the registers.

How often does it meet?
At least once a year. 

Who are the members of Registration Committee?
The Registration Committee is made up of a combination of professional members (who have an optical qualification) and lay members (who do not).

Council members: Rosie Glazebrook (Lay Chair) 

Lay members: Rosie Glazebrook, Alison Sansome, David Watkins, Lynn Emslie

Optometrists: Louise Gow, Catherine Viner

Dispensing Opticians: Peter Black, Anthony Harvey

Responsible Officer: Philip Bird  

Terms of Reference: This document identifies the purpose and structure of the Registration Committee, including its decision making authority, duties, frequency and notice of meetings. 
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