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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our strategy

Our EDI strategy for 2020-25 will focus on the same strategic objectives in our 'Fit for the Future' Strategic Plan 2020-25 to ensure that there is complete alignment of our goals. The key aspects of our EDI strategy are under each strategic objective.

Our commitment

Within all of our functions, we are committed to promoting equality; valuing diversity; being inclusive; and meeting our equality duties:

1) Promoting equality 

We operate in a principled, fair and transparent manner and in a way that is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. We aim to promote, celebrate and utilise the benefits of diversity and equality in all of our activities. This includes engaging fairly and equally with members of the public, registrants, current and prospective members and employees.

2) Valuing diversity

We value the differences which exist between people, the differences that extend well beyond protected characteristics. Valuing difference enables us to be innovative, inclusive and well-rounded and sustain an environment where everyone is valued, respected and included. 

3) Being inclusive

We firmly believe that we will achieve and deliver more by working collaboratively and supporting individuals’ needs. As a regulator, public service provider and employer, we aim to ensure the full and fair participation of vulnerable or under-represented groups.

We strive to eliminate any adverse impacts from our activities for everyone and can only truly do this with representative feedback and diverse input. 

4) Meeting our equality duties

We are committed to delivering on all of our equality duties. We will make clear, well-reasoned, evidence-based decisions and will always be open and transparent in our justification when taking positive action to overcome the disadvantages experienced by some groups.

We will provide reasonable adjustments when requested and aim to use learning from these to improve our services and solutions.

Anti-racism statement

Read our anti-racism statement

Reporting Progress 

We report on progress within our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion publications. Our published Equality, Diversity and Inclusion reports provide an opportunity for us to reflect on our progress and plan our future. They can be viewed here.

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