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Equality and diversity

We are committed to promoting and developing equality and diversity in all our work. We want to be sure that our policies, procedures and ways of working are fair to all individuals and groups, regardless of their ethnic origin, race, gender, gender identity, religion or religious belief, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, disability, sexual orientation or age.

As an employer and regulator, we are committed to continually improving our services to ensure that we:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation;
  • advance equality of opportunity between people from different groups;
  • foster good relations between people from different groups
  • promote positive attitudes towards people with disabilities;
  • encourage the participation of people with disabilities in public life; and
  • take account of a person’s disabilities even if this means treating the person with disabilities more favourably.

What is our strategy?

We understand that embedding equality, diversity and inclusion will improve our effectiveness in all of our activities as a regulator and an employer.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Scheme lays out seven key objectives which outlines our EDI activities. The seven objectives are:

Objective 1 - Policies and procedures - To ensure that our policies and procedures are fair, transparent and applied consistently.

Objective 2 - Guidance and training - To provide relevant and practical guidance and training on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Objective 3 - Monitoring and impact - To monitor diversity and effectively assess the impact of our activities.

Objective 4 - Access - To provide services and deliver our statutory functions in a way that is accessible and appropriate.

Objective 5 - Communication and engagement - To undertake communication and engagement with stakeholders in our approach to EDI and promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Objective 6 - Service delivery - To ensure our approach to regulation improves the effectiveness of EDI policies on service delivery.

Objective 7 - Action planning - to develop appropriate and realistic action plans.

We maintain an Equality Action Plan based on these objectives and report on progress within our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion publications. Our published Equality, Diversity and Inclusion reports provide an opportunity for us to reflect on our progress and plan our future.


For our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion publications – including our reports and our EDI scheme – please click here.

How has the strategy been delivered?

For the full progress, please see our latest Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Reports. Some examples of the EDI work so far include:

  • We are committed to equality of opportunity. We provide a fair, accessible and transparent recruitment process, and we treat everyone who works for us fairly, and with dignity and respect. We review our processes and policies to ensure they are consistently applied.
  • We set the standards for our registrants which include numerous standards about Equality – such as improving communication, eliminating discrimination, and ensuring the care delivered is appropriate for every individual’s needs.
  • We collate and analyse diversity monitoring information and use feedback to assess the impact of our policies and processes.
  • We regularly review our accessibility and make adjustments where possible.
  • We encourage consultation responses from a diverse range of the public, and aim to continually increase our employees’ understanding of EDI in the workplace and our duties.
  • We try to make sure that Equality and Diversity standards are embedded within our work and service.
  • We work with a number of organisations and forums focussed on improving diversity and equality in the workplace and the public sector. These forums help us to share best practice and incorporate this in our strategic plans. 


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