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Applying for a Certificate of Current Professional Status

Certificates of Current Professional Status (to apply for a Letter of Good Standing (LGS ) see the Registration forms section)

Optometrists and dispensing opticians currently registered in the United Kingdom who wish to apply for registration to practise in another country will normally require us to supply a Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) to the relevant registration and/or regulatory authority.

From 2010, we introduced the CCPS, the content and format of the CCPS reflects agreements by the partnership of European professional healthcare regulators, Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders, on the exchange of information. The CCPS also reflects EU Directive 2005/36/EC, in particular articles 8 and 56 on administrative cooperation.

Content of the Certificate of Current Professional Status

The CCPS will include details of your full name, gender, nationality, GOC number, registered address, date of birth, qualifications, current registration status and concluded and outstanding fitness to practise matters. The CCPS is valid for three months from the date of issue.

The information in the CCPS is extracted from the GOC registers and its fitness to practise files. Therefore, the CCPS may include information which is not in the public domain.

Please note that if you have previously been the subject of any fitness to practise allegations that have resulted in an adverse outcome, a summary of the case and the outcome of any investigations or hearings will be disclosed in the CCPS.

If at the time of your application for a CCPS you are subject to an ongoing investigation by the GOC, or have had an allegation referred to either the Investigations Committee or Fitness to Practise Committee, a summary of the outstanding matters(s) will also be provided in the CCPS.

Applying for a Certificate of Current Professional Status

A CCPS is valid for three months from the date of issue. A completed application and a payment of £25 is required for a CCPS to be sent to your nominated regulator.

A paypal invoice will be issued to make payment.

How can you do this?

Complete the application form below and indicate method of payment and return the completed application form.

Acrobat Reader icon Application for a registrant check - Certificate of Current Professional Status

This application form can be sent in by email to 

All forms must be scanned & emailed as the office is closed and post may not be collected

When will the CCPS be ready?

We aim to process applications for a CCPS within five working days of receipt of a properly completed application form and payment. While we recognise that overseas regulators may have their own timeframes and processes, and we will endeavour to assist you to meet application deadlines, please ensure that your application is timely and accurate.

The completed CCPS will normally be posted directly to the regulatory body you specify in the application form. We may also be able to send a copy electronically to the overseas regulator. A copy of the CCPS will be sent to you if indicated on your application form.

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