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Withdrawing from the registers

If you are planning to retire or withdraw from the registers for any reason (eg moving abroad), you should notify the Registration team.

In this case, you will normally be removed from the register at the end of current registration year.

If you are an individual registrant you should tell us about your intention to withdraw or retire by 31 March. If you fail to notify us by this date and you are removed from the registers, this will be deemed to be for ‘failure to apply’. This also applies to registered bodies corporate.

Students should inform us of their intent to withdraw prior to 31 August.


Refunds will be issued to registrants who apply for retention of their registration and subsequently decide to retire or withdraw from the register, provided that notification is received by 31 March (ie the end of the preceding registration year). If your application and payment has already been processed, your payment will be refunded minus an administration charge of £30.

Refunds will also be issued to registrants who pay by direct debit but are removed from the register for failure to apply for retention of registration. Refunds will normally be issued one month after the date of removal from the register. Registrants restoring to the register prior to this date will have the option to pay only the additional restoration fee.

No refunds will be issued to registrants who are retained on the register during the course of the registration year (ie after 1 April), irrespective of whether or not a registrant has been practising during the relevant period.

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