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Unregistered activities

This page is for applicants who are restoring to the fully qualified or student registers only.

You have been directed to this page as you have stated in your restoration application that you have undertaken activities or assessments while unregistered.

The activities are:

  • The testing of sight
  • The fitting of contact lenses
  • The supply of optical appliances to customers who are registered blind or partially sighted
  • The supply of optical appliances to customers aged under 16 years
  • The supply of zero powered contact lenses
  • Undertaken any training, assessments, regulated work, or sat any exams

Please read the instructions carefully. This form will become a part of your restoration application. 

If you need help while completing this form please email or call 020 7580 3898 (option 1).

The information you provide to us, the GOC (as data controller), will be processed and used in line  with our statutory purpose under the Opticians Act in order to maintain our Register and ensure our registrants are fit to practise. For more information regarding how we process your data please see our privacy statement.



  2. Select any of the following activities you completed while unregistered. *


  4. If you have selected Yes, you need to answer this next question. We will need to contact the supervisor directly to confirm their role.

  6. You need to answer this question for any optician related roles you have been in while you have been unregistered. If you have not been in any relevant roles state 'Not applicable'.

  8. For each job listed in response to the question above you must provide the relevant information. If you stated 'Not Applicable' above, repeat here.


  11. This next question is for students only. If you are not a student applying for restoration state 'Not Applicable'.