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2018 renewal: additional information

In the 2018 registration period we are asking registrants to provide us with two additional pieces of information.

We are collecting this information as part of the usual registration process in a web form. The form is outside of the MyGOC area and needs to be completed separately from the rest of renewal.

How to submit the information

All registrants received a personal link to the form by email, directing them to complete the information online at an address beginning ""

Registrants should follow the link in the email to provide this information. If you can’t find that email, don’t worry, we will be sending reminder emails with the link attached until you have provided us with the information.

What are we asking for and why?

Registrants should inform us of their relevant qualifications that allows them entry to our register. We currently do not have digital records of all registrants’ qualifications, so we are asking registrants to confirm details of qualifications relevant to their registration.

Not providing this information will not prevent you from renewing your registration. However, we will continue to send reminders during the renewal period to those who do not provide the additional information.

As well as asking for information we are asking registrants to provide us with information to help our monitoring of equality and diversity in the professions. All questions have a ‘prefer not to say’ option.

We use this information to analyse and report on statistical trends in optical education and practice in the UK. With this data, we have a better base to assess impacts, avoid unintended barriers for particular groups and advance the promotion of equality and diversity within our organisation and in relation to our role.

The information you provide is strictly confidential and will be held securely in line with data protection and other relevant legislation. We will anonymise any data we publish so you cannot be identified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about renewal and the additional information forms can be found here.

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