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Registering a specialty

There are additional registers for practitioners with specialist qualifications. They are called specialty registers.

Specialties for optometrists:

Additional supply of therapeutic drugs
Supplementary prescribing of therapeutic drugs
Independent prescribing of therapeutic drugs

Specialties for dispensing opticians:

Contact lenses

If a practitioner has a specialty entered against their name, they are entitled to perform additional duties to those of a normal optometrist or dispensing optician . They have undergone a course of specialist training in that field, and have registered their specialty qualifications with us. 

If a registrant performs specialist work without being on the appropriate register, the Council’s Fitness to Practise Committee may treat this as evidence of impaired fitness to practise.

How to register

What do I have to do?

Complete and submit the electronic form at the bottom of this page.

What happens next?

  • Once we have received your electronic form we will send you an invoice from PayPal to the email address we have on file, for you to pay the registration fee. You don't need a PayPal account. Using this service helps us complete your registration faster. 
  • We will process your application within five working days of receipt of your application form, payment and confirmation from your education provider of your eligibility to register. 
  • If you do not pay your registration fee within seven days of receipt of the invoice we will cancel your application. 
  • If there are any mistakes in your application we may cancel it and request that you re-submit correctly. 

What do I get on successful application?

  • You will receive an email confirming your specialty registration with the General Optical Council. You can then practise that specialty. 
  • Your specialty will appear on the register against your name. 

Do I have to complete annual renewal for my specialty?

  • Contact lens, supplementary prescribing and additional supply specialties will be renewed as a part to the annual retention process.
  • Independent prescribing specialties must be renewed separately in accordance with the retention deadline. There is no additional fee for this and you will be notified of your requirement to renew your specialty by email in January each year. 

What are my new CET requirements?

Once you are registered with the GOC, your online portfolio on MyGOC will be updated to show that you are required to collect additional CET points in the specialty area you are qualified in. You must earn one CET point for each two full months of specialty registration, until the end of the current cycle which concludes on 31 December 2021. This is in addition to the general CET requirement. For further information on your CET requirements, please visit here.

Information about how we use your personal data can be found here

The information you provide to us, the GOC (as data controller), will be processed and used in line  with our statutory purpose under the Opticians Act in order to maintain our Register and ensure our registrants are fit to practise. For more information regarding how we process your data please see our privacy statement.


Specialty registration form 


  1. Please indicate which specialty you are applying for *


  3. Section 1 - Contact details


  6. Email address
  7. Confirmation of entry of your specialty will be sent to this email address. This should be the email address you use for your MyGOC account.

  9. Section 2 - Details of specialty qualification and training
  10. The following information is needed so that we can contact your education provider and confirm your qualification details.

  12. For those applying for the independent prescribing specialty only:
  13. Provide details of the location of your intended practice. It must be the full address of the private practice, hospital, or clinic

  15. Section 3 - Declaration

  17. For those applying for the independent prescribing specialty only:


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