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Past Hearings


On this page, you can find the determinations of all of our Fitness to Practise hearings from the last twelve months (transcripts are not displayed - see below). After one year, we only keep hearing details on our website where the sanction is still in force. You can see details of these hearings here.

If you know of somebody who is practising illegally following a GOC fitness to practise sanction, please email us at or download an illegal practice complaint form from our investigating complaints page.

Every month we send out a list of that month's amendments to our registers - if you would like to be included on the mailing list, please email


Requests, including Freedom of Information requests, for a copy of a transcript of a hearing may be requested through the Hearings Manager. A request form (below) can be downloaded. The form will be submitted to the Hearings Manager whereupon a quote will be provided and you will be required to sign an undertaking to pay all associated costs which are based on the Transcriber’s hourly charges for transcription, photocopying charges (where applicable) and a GOC administration fee which will vary according to the size of the transcript.

Redacted transcripts. Where a request is received for a transcript which has undergone redactions due to the sensitive nature of proceedings, the Hearings Manager will redact the transcript accordingly, and you will be charged by the GOC for the full rate of its production as described above. Please send all transcript requests to 



Acrobat Reader icon Transcript request form - FoI


12 Oct Acrobat Reader icon Gary Marshall -1st IOR summary
08 Oct  Acrobat Reader icon Qaiser Akhtar - 3rd IO Review Summary
30 Sep Acrobat Reader icon Nadeem Syed - 2nd Substantive Review
29 Sep Acrobat Reader icon Haroon Amin - Substantive Review  
23 Sep Acrobat Reader icon John Maddock - 2nd IO review summary
23 Sep Acrobat Reader icon Malti Amin - Substantive Review Decision     
8 Sep Acrobat Reader icon Ross Hutcheson - 7th IO Review summary
7 Sep  Acrobat Reader icon Zahir Ibrahim- 7th IOR summary
3 Sep Acrobat Reader icon Nirmal Koasha-2nd IOR summary review  
31 Aug - 2 Sep Acrobat Reader icon Claire Holden - Substantive
27 Aug Acrobat Reader icon David Mensah - Restoration Summary Review
22-23 June & 20 Aug Acrobat Reader icon Waqaus Ali - Substantive
16-18 Aug Acrobat Reader icon Farwah Sheikh - Substantive summary  
17 Aug Acrobat Reader icon Christopher Paarish - 6th IOR review summary
4-5 Aug Acrobat Reader icon John Rajnath - Substantive summary
4 Aug Acrobat Reader icon Lokesh Prabhakar- 3rd IO review Summary
27-28 July  Acrobat Reader icon Haroon Zubair - Substantive
15 July Acrobat Reader icon Mary Docherty - 4th IO Review Summary
13 July  Acrobat Reader icon John Watson - IO summary
24-25 June Acrobat Reader icon Renuka Verma - Substantive
10-12 May & 22-23 June Acrobat Reader icon Fawad Ahmed - substantive
17 June Acrobat Reader icon Joanne Donnelly - 2nd Substantive review
7 - 9 June Acrobat Reader icon William Hay- Substantive - subject to appeal
21 Apr Acrobat Reader icon Bella Reid - Substantive decision
18-20,23-24 Nov 2020 & 12-13 Apr 2021 Acrobat Reader icon Fazeel Makda - Substantive
08 Apr  Acrobat Reader icon David Little - Substantive (APD)
06 Apr Acrobat Reader icon Jeremy Simeons - Substantive decision  
30 Mar - 1 Apr Acrobat Reader icon Ariana Faderani - Substantive
30 Mar Acrobat Reader icon Arminder Panesar - 7th IO review summary  
10-11 Feb and 18-19 Mar  Acrobat Reader icon Lee Purdy - Substantive
12-15 Jan Acrobat Reader icon Devkumar Patel - Substantive
11-12 Jan Acrobat Reader icon Ajay Patel - Substantive
07 Jan Acrobat Reader icon Timothy Vanes - Substantive
05-06 Jan Acrobat Reader icon Sarah Morris - Substantive (APD)
04 Dec Acrobat Reader icon Helen Wilkinson - 4th Sub Review decision
28-31 Jan & 1-2 Dec Acrobat Reader icon Rajendra Chopra - Substantive
30 Nov Acrobat Reader icon Roger Lee - Substantive summary
9 Nov Acrobat Reader icon Nathan Smith - Substantive (ADP)

July 2020 -  12 Nov 2020

(see determination for dates)

    Acrobat Reader icon Honey Rose – Substantive – Subject to appeal by the PSA - The registrant has given an undertaking to the High Court in that she will not practise or carry out business as an optometrist until proceeding [Redacted] has concluded  
2 Nov Acrobat Reader icon Syed Ashraf Anwar Shah- Substantive


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