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Future hearings


Details of future hearings are normally published on this page a few weeks before the hearing date.

COVID-19 update

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 emergency and in line with government directions, public and private hearings will no longer be held at our London office. Where possible, we will hold remote virtual hearings either by teleconference, video-link or on the papers.

Rule 25(1) requires that substantive hearings must be held in public.  To fulfil this, we will provide a dial-in link to our virtual public hearings in order that interested parties can attend.  Should you wish to observe any of our public hearings please contact the hearings team –



29 Jun - 2 Jul & 6-10 Jul

Mr N Syed

Acrobat Reader icon Nadeem Syed - Substantive Notice (updated)  


13 Jul Mr R Chopra Acrobat Reader icon Rajendra Chopra - 5th Interim Order review notice
16 Jul Ms C Ubani Acrobat Reader icon Comfort Ubani - Restoration notice notice
17 Jul Ms H Rose Acrobat Reader icon Honey Rose - 18th Interim Order review notice
20 Jul Mr D Baker Acrobat Reader icon David Baker - 1st Interim Order review notice

20-24 & 27-31 Jul, 3-7, 10-14 & 17-21 Aug

Ms H Rose Acrobat Reader icon Honey Rose - Substantive Notice
4 Aug Mr M Davis Acrobat Reader icon Mark Davis - 1st Interim Order review
5 Aug Mr T Vanes Acrobat Reader icon Timothy Vanes - 5th Interim Order review notice
10 Aug Ms B Shah Acrobat Reader icon Bansi Shah - 1st Sub Review notice (updated)
11 Aug Mr M Virdee Acrobat Reader icon Manmohan Virdee - 5th Interim Order review notice
2-11 Sep Optical Express Acrobat Reader icon Optical Express - Substantive notice
10 Sep Mr A Della Valle Acrobat Reader icon Alberto Della Valle - 2nd substantive review notice
14-16 Sep Mr S Nazir Acrobat Reader icon Shahid Nazir - Substantive notice - resumed (updated)

21-25 Sep

Mr M Spencer Acrobat Reader icon Mattew Spencer - Substantive notice
30 Oct Mr N Patel Acrobat Reader icon Nimesh Patel - Substantive review notice (updated)
9-11 Nov Mr N Smith Acrobat Reader icon Nathan Smith - Substantive notice
11 Dec Mr M Barritt Acrobat Reader icon Martyn Barritt - Sub Review notice
18 Dec Ms J Donnelly Acrobat Reader icon Joanne Donnelly - Sub Review notice



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