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Core Competencies

The term 'core competencies’ is used to describe the knowledge and skills an optometrist or dispensing optician must possess in order to register with us and practise in the UK.

There are core competencies in four areas of practice:

  • optometry
  • dispensing optics
  • contact lenses (for dispensing opticians)
  • independent prescribing (for optometrists). 

To gain a qualification in optometry, dispensing optics, contact lenses or independent prescribing, students and trainees of GOC approved programmes have to demonstrate that they are proficient in the associated core competencies. 

The core competencies for each area of practice are published in the education handbook. The handbook also contains the standards used to accredit and quality assure education and training programmes approved by the GOC.


Acrobat Reader icon Optometry Handbook 2015

Acrobat Reader icon 2016 competencies criteria optometry      


Dispensing opticians:

Acrobat Reader icon Dispensing Handbook 2011

Acrobat Reader icon 2016 competencies criteria dispensing optician

Contact lens:

Acrobat Reader icon Contact Lens Handbook

Acrobat Reader icon 2016 competencies criteria contact lens optician

Independent prescribing:

Acrobat Reader icon IP Handbook

Acrobat Reader icon 2011 independent prescribing competencies



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Careers in eyecare

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