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Contact lens specialty

The contact lens specialty is open to dispensing opticians only. Optometrists are trained and competent to fit contact lenses on first registration, so do not need to register a contact lens specialty to fit contact lenses.

Dispensing opticians with the Contact Lens Specialty are qualified to assess whether contact lenses meet the needs of a patient. They can fit and supply a patient with one or more contact lenses and provide aftercare.

Am I eligible to train?
You must qualify as a dispensing optician before training for the contact lens specialty. For more information on eligibility contact the Association of British Dispensing Opticians ( ABDO ). 

What does the training involve?
Training for the contact lens specialty is built around nine competencies. These include assessing a patient’s needs and delivering aftercare.

How is it taught?
The competencies for the contact lens specialty are delivered in various formats. Trainees must:

  • Pass taught theory modules
  • Undertake practice-based learning under supervision

Where can I train?
The approved training course for the contact lens specialty is run by ABDO College, Bradford College, and City and Islington College. More information is available on their websites.

Contact lens opticians' CET requirements

Contact lens opticians must obtain 18 contact lens speciality CET points and 18 general CET points (a total of 36 points) and must participate in a minimum of one peer review group or discussion event using contact lens cases per cycle.

We will check at the end of each year that six points have been completed. These can be speciality or general points. In order to remain eligible to retain on the GOC register all the CET requirements and competencies must to be covered at the end of the CET cycle.

CET Check list

All contact lens opticians must have done the following in each CET cycle to stay on our registers:

  • Logged in regularly to MyGOC to keep track of points and progress
  • Achieved six CET points by end of each year (general or specialist)
  • Completed 18 Contact lens speciality points by the end of the CET cycle
  • Completed 18 general points by the end of the CET cycle
  • Completed a minimum of one peer review group or event using contact lens cases
  • Covered all the general competencies by the end of CET cycle
    • Communication
    • Professional conduct
    • Ocular examination
    • Optical appliances
    • Contact lens
    • Low vision
    • Refractive management
    • Ocular abnormalities
    • Paediatric dispensing
  • Covered all the speciality CL competencies by end of cycle
    • Communication
    • Professional conduct
    • Ocular examination
    • Verification and identification
    • Contact lenses

If you need further information please contact our Education department on or 0207 307 9488.


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Click on the link below for more information and requirements for the 2019-21 CET cycle.

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