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Continuing Education and Training (CET)

Introduction to CET

It is essential that eye care practitioners maintain the up to date skills and knowledge needed to practise safely and effectively throughout their career. To ensure this, we oversee a mandatory CET scheme.

CET is a statutory requirement for all fully-qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians. The CET scheme is a points-based scheme that runs over a three-year cycle from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021. All fully-qualified registrants must earn a minimum number of CET points and meet a minimum set of requirements by the end of each cycle to stay on the registers.

Registrants can manage their CET portfolio and maintain a record of their completed CET points in MyGOC.

You can read more about the CET scheme in our guidance booklet:

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Information for registrants

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What are the CET requirements?

Peer review and peer discussion groups

Completing overseas CET 

Information for CET Providers

Information for existing Providers

How to apply to become a CET Provider

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Search our registers

Search our registers

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Log CET points

Log CET points

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Click on the link below for more information and requirements for the 2019-21 CET cycle.

Careers in eyecare

Careers in eyecare

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